Effective December 2019: Veterinary Nutrition Care will be closed to new patients. Please see the directory at for a listing of other available services.

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Veterinary Nutrition Care is the San Francisco Bay Area's only dog and cat nutrition specialist.

There is much conflicting pet nutrition information available, and pet food labeling can be confusing, so selecting the best cat or dog food is difficult.

Dr. Amy Farcas is a board-certified veterinary nutritionist. Whether you have a puppy or kitten, a healthy adult, a senior citizen, or a pet with a medical condition, Dr. Farcas can help you to choose the right diet for you and your pet.

Some pets have simple nutritional needs. Others are complex. Click below to answer some simple questions that can help you know if your dog or cat could benefit from working with a veterinary nutrition specialist. 

Whether a commercial product, a customized home-prepared diet, or something else is needed, Veterinary Nutrition Care can develop a nutrition plan that suits you and your pet. 

Is this for us?

Every pet and every family is unique.

Determining a pet's optimal nutrition takes 3 important factors into consideration: the pet, the diet being fed, and the pet's environment/family. 

Veterinary Nutrition Care carefully evaluates information about each of these 3 factors to determine what is right (and not so right) about each. With that in mind, a customized nutrition plan can be generated for any dog or cat. 

How it works

Veterinary Nutrition Care

provides personalized pet nutrition services for pet owners in the San Francisco Bay area and beyond.