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Helping people give pets their best®

You’re a dog or cat owner who has done your homework, you’ve consulted with your vet, you’ve evaluated the options, and made a decision. You made the purchase, did the gradual transition to the new diet, and determined that your pet likes the diet (so important!). Great job! But guess what? You’re not done!

Even the diet that is most perfectly matched to the pet’s and the pet owner’s needs can be problematic if it isn’t fed correctly.

That's right. There are right and wrong ways to feed your pet. What's right will depend on your pet, you, and maybe even the rest of your family.

All of the other aspects of your pet-feeding routine matter. Who does the feeding, when, where, and especially how much is fed are important, as is how the diet is prepared (if there is any preparation involved), and stored. Whether food is left out all day, and whether (and how many) treats are given, what is used to give medications, and who else may be dropping food from the high-chair are also important.

Too many treats, table scraps, or other food items can cause a balanced diet to become unbalanced, and not controlling how much your pet eats can lead to obesity. In some multi-pet households, one pet may be underfed due to competition. In the same instance, another pet often becomes overweight. A supposedly-balanced home-prepared diet that isn’t made according to instructions can be missing essential nutrients, and nutrients degrade over time during storage, especially if a diet isn’t stored under ideal conditions.

Veterinary Nutrition Care provides recommendations not only for selecting the right diet for your pet, but also detailed advice on all of the other aspects of feeding your pet.

Because good nutrition is about details. 

It's not just about the diet.

​Despite what you may have read (on this site and otherwise), giving your pet the best nutrition possible doesn't end with choosing the best diet. In fact, that's only the beginning.