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Helping people give pets their best®

Home-prepared diets for pets.

Making what you do for them do the most for them.

Pet owners want to give their pet the best. The best care, the best bed (often our own!), and the best food.

For some pet owners, that means making their pet a home-prepared diet. While this isn’t for everyone, this can be a great way to get your pet the nutrition he/she needs and strengthen the human-animal bond while doing something you love. A few pets have combinations of medical concerns that eliminate commercially-available diets as good options for them; these pets require home-prepared diets. Others just plain refuse to eat “pet food,” and need a home-prepared diet because that is what they will eat.

No matter what category you and your pet fall into, Veterinary Nutrition Care can design a home-prepared diet that meets the needs of both you and your pet. Pet needs a special diet, but you hate cooking? Work with your veterinary nutritionist to make a very simple diet that meets your pet’s needs, prepared in large batches and frozen for later. You like cooking different meals for your pet with discerning tastes every day? Your veterinary nutritionist can work out a rotation that keeps you and your pet happy.

Dogs and cats have requirements for 40 or so different essential nutrients. While home-prepared (cooked or raw) diets can certainly meet pets’ needs, research has shown that 95% of home-prepared diet recipes available to pet owners online and in pet care books, including those written by veterinarians, have significant nutrient deficiencies- meaning that there isn’t enough of some of those 40 essential nutrients. Pet owners who have made up their own recipes or simply feed pets what they prepare for themselves generally don’t do any better when it comes to meeting dogs’ and cats’ essential nutrient requirements. Unfortunately, rotational feeding of different diet ingredients doesn’t solve this problem, because most of the food items that we typically prepare for ourselves and our pets share the same set nutrient deficiencies (at least compared to the requirements of dogs and cats). In the study mentioned above, the only home-prepared diet recipes that did provide all of the essential nutrients in appropriate amounts were those formulated by a veterinary nutritionist.

Veterinary Nutrition Care can make sure that the special diet that you prepare for your pet also provides the nutrition they need.