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Can proper nutrition help your pet to live longer, and stay healthier?


Pets are healthiest when they are at an ideal body weight, and research has shown that dogs at an ideal body weight live longer and stay healthier than overweight dogs.

Between 30 and 60 percent of dogs and cats in the US are overweight or obese, and most of their owners aren't even aware of it. It's easy for pets to become overweight, and not always so easy to notice. Some breeds "carry it well" and we're used to seeing examples of some breeds, particularly Boxers, Bulldogs, Labradors, Chihuahuas and Dachshunds presented in real life and in advertising as "good specimens" when they are actually overweight. The same is true of cats. If your cat looks like one in a TV commercial, he/she may actually be overweight. If you’re not sure if your dog or cat is over, under, or at their ideal body weight, use the World Small Animal Veterinary Association’s Global Nutrition Toolkit body condition score charts for dogs  or cats, or watch a video to see how to correctly body condition score your pet. Keep in mind though, that pet owners notoriously "under-score" overweight pets, so check your scoring with your veterinarian.

Pets who are underweight also need special attention when it comes to nutrition. They may have a medical condition that requires specific treatment, or they  may just need a change in what, how much, or how they are fed. Either way, Veterinary Nutrition Care can help you ensure that your pet is getting exactly what they need from their diet. 

Prioritize getting your pet's weight back on track by having Veterinary Nutrition Care help you customize a comprehensive nutritional plan to fit their needs, as well as yours. Follow-up and adjusting the plan as needed are key to weight management, and Veterinary Nutrition Care’s proactive approach will keep things moving forward, help you to navigate the process, and deal with the issues along the way.