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For Veterinary Nutrition Care, the only product is service

Veterinary Nutrition Care uses a relatively unique (at least in veterinary medicine) fee structure. Since the practice has no medical procedures to perform, no diagnostic testing to recommend, and no items for sale, doing charges like other veterinary practices just won't work.

Completion of a Vet Consult requires reviewing your pet's medical records and Nutritional History Questionnaire, discussing your pet's medical status and plan with your veterinarian, completing your pet's nutritional assessment, formulating a comprehensive nutrition plan, composing the written Vet Consult summary, and 30 minutes of follow-up communication with you and/or your vet.  All services, (including Vet Consults) are charged at the same hourly rate ($250/hour).

Vet Consults generally require at least 2.5 hours ($625), though some may require additional time to complete. Pets with very complex medical or diet histories, or requests for recipes with unusual ingredients, a large number of ingredients, or adaptations for feeding to multiple pets can certainly be accommodated, but will be charged accordingly. Follow-up communication beyond that which is included in the Vet Consult is billed at the same hourly rate.

Since it will be your veterinarian that requests a Vet Consult, receives the Vet Consult summary, and makes the plan happen, in the case of Vet Consults, your vet (and not you) is Veterinary Nutrition Care's client. Billing is to your veterinary clinic. Read on.

Remember that Vet Consults require a lot of your vet's time too

It would be completely unfair to expect your veterinarian to take on the task of managing a Vet Consult without being compensated for their (and/or their staff's) time and energy.

For this reason, Veterinary Nutrition Care expects (and encourages) veterinarians to not only pass along Veterinary Nutrition Care's fee for service to you, but to also charge an additional fee for their time. This additional fee will vary by practice and should be expected to vary with the complexity of your pet's medical condition, the complexity of the Vet Consult, and likely with your own communication style and needs. Your veterinarian's time and expertise are valuable, and requiring compensation for them is absolutely appropriate. 

If you are a pet owner interested in pursuing a Vet Consult, the first step is discussing it with your veterinarian. Ideally, schedule an appointment with your vet to review your nutritional concerns and goals for your pet. When you schedule the appointment, make it clear that you are interested in a Vet Consult from Veterinary Nutrition Care, and provide the person scheduling the appointment with Veterinary Nutrition Care's web address so that your veterinarian can: become familiar with what to expect from a Vet Consult, call Veterinary Nutrition Care to discuss your pet's needs, and determine in advance what to charge for the service.  

Ensuring that you provide accurate and complete information (the Nutritional History Questionnaire) allows your veterinary nutritionist to work more efficiently, which reduces the cost of Veterinary Nutrition Care's services. When it comes to additional follow-up (billed monthly, to your veterinary clinic), you can certainly make it possible for your veterinarian and your veterinary nutritionist to be more efficient, and so reduce the amount of time billed. ​Examples.

Once both you and your vet are on board for a Vet Consult, please read about preparation and complete the Nutritional History Questionnaire, and ask your vet to make the Vet Consult Request.

Please note that while Veterinary Nutrition Care frequently recommends commercially-available pet diets and supplements, there is no arrangement for compensation for these recommendations.