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For Veterinary Nutrition Care, the only product is service. If there's only one product, then there should be only one fee. Simple.

Veterinary Nutrition Care uses a relatively unique (at least in veterinary medicine) fee structure. Since the practice has no medical procedures to perform, no diagnostic testing to recommend, and no items for sale, doing charges like other veterinary practices just won’t work.

This service includes everything your veterinary nutritionist does to be prepared for your visit, answering your questions, discussing your concerns, making your pet's comprehensive nutritional plan, doing follow-up communication with you and your veterinarian, and updating your pet's medical record, among other things.

The fee for service at Veterinary Nutrition Care is $250 per hour.

An initial visit is billed at $625. This includes:

  • 30 minutes of preparation

    • Reviewing your pet’s medical history

    • Reviewing your pet's Nutritional History Questionnaire

    • Discussing your pet’s medical status with his/her primary care veterinarian

  • 60 minute visit.

    • Your pet’s nutritional assessment, evaluation of current diets and supplements, commercial diet recommendations,  feeding plan

    • Discussion of your pet's nutritional needs, and your questions/concerns 

    • Formulation of a customized nutritional plan, including a simple home-prepared diet, if needed

  • 30 minutes composing a detailed written summary for you and your pet’s primary care veterinarian

  • 30 minutes follow-up communication

Formulation of home-prepared diets that involve unusual ingredients, complex recipes, and adapting a recipe for feeding to multiple pets are certainly possible. Your veterinary nutritionist enjoys these more challenging projects, but they require variable amounts of additional time. 

Further research on commercial diets or supplements, contacting product manufacturers for specific information, and further coaching pet owners on selecting a pet food is billed at the same hourly rate.

Follow-up communication beyond that which is included in the initial visit is billed at the same hourly rate.

While commercial diets and/or supplements may be recommended for your pet, Veterinary Nutrition Care does not sell any products, and has no arrangements for commission from these recommendations. 

This unique fee structure means that you can take some simple steps to reduce the cost of your Veterinary Nutrition Care's services.

The "fine print:"

Additional follow-up visits, adjustments to the diet and/or feeding plan, and communication are billed monthly. The hourly rate may increase January 1 of each year. By proceeding with your visit, you agree to fees as described above. 

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