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What's next?

You've reviewed the Vet Consult summary with your vet, it makes sense, and you're happy that you now have such specific recommendations for your pet, but you hit a bit of a snag. Now what?

No nutrition plan is complete without a plan for follow-up. Whether it’s just to check in a few days later to make sure things are going according to plan, to repeat an examination or diagnostic test in a few weeks, or recheck a pet’s weight in a month (or all of the above)- there will always be a “here’s what we do next.”

These follow-up plans, allow your vet to detect any changes (expected or not) in your pet, and adjust to the plan accordingly. Not only was the original plan tailored to you and your pet, but it continues to be customized as needed, as things move forward.

Veterinary Nutrition Care can continue to support your vet in providing nutrition care for your pet as long as necessary.

If you have a question, or find other information that conflicts with your veterinary nutritionist’s recommendation; please ask. Veterinary Nutrition Care is here to make sure you are comfortable with all aspects of your pet’s diet and feeding plan. This doesn’t stop once your visit is over or after your Vet Consult has been completed.

Because with Vet Consults, there isn't a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship between you (and your pet) and Veterinary Nutrition Care. This means that certain questions can be directed to Veterinary Nutrition Care, while others are best answered by your vet. If your question relates to the technical details of the diet or recommendation provided (for example, "how do I measure...," "which cut of meat...," "how do I prepare...,"), then please contact Veterinary Nutrition Care with your question. If your question is regarding your pet's response to the new diet or recommendation, or any medical concern about your pet, your question should be directed to your veterinarian, since your vet is the only one who can advise you in that regard. Should your vet need assistance with answering your question or addressing your concerns, he/she is encouraged to discuss them with your veterinary nutritionist.

If you contact Veterinary Nutrition Care with a question, your veterinary nutritionist will attempt to respond to each point in your phone or email communication. You can make communication easier and faster (and less costly) with a little bit of planning.