Effective December 2019: Veterinary Nutrition Care will be closed to new patients. Please see the directory at for a listing of other available services.

Helping people give pets their best®

You've had a great visit; you connected with your veterinary nutritionist, and she really understands your needs, as well as your pet's. Together you made a plan that is a good fit and makes sense. You got all of your questions answered and are motivated to make a needed change- but you hit a bit of a snag. Now what?

No nutrition plan is complete without a plan for follow-up. Whether it’s just to check in a few days later to make sure things are going according to plan, to repeat an examination or diagnostic test in a few weeks, or recheck a pet’s weight in a month (or all of the above)- there will always be a “here’s what we do next.”

These follow-up plans, whether they are in person, by phone, video, or email allow you to inform your veterinary nutritionist of changes (expected or not) in your pet, and allows her to adjust to the plan accordingly. Not only was the original plan tailored to you and your pet, but it continues to be customized as needed, as things move forward.

If you have a question, or find other information that conflicts with your veterinary nutritionist’s recommendation; please ask.

Veterinary Nutrition Care is here to make sure you are comfortable with all aspects of your pet’s diet and feeding plan. This doesn’t stop once your visit is over. It's as simple as picking up the phone or sending an email.

Your visit fee includes 30 minutes of follow-up; in person, by phone, video, or email. After that, you’re not on your own, billing is just hourly from there on.

Your veterinary nutritionist will attempt to respond to each point in your phone or email communication. You can make communication easier and faster (and less costly) with a little bit of planning.

​With Veterinary Nutrition Care, you have a partner in making sure your pet gets your best.  

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