Effective December 2019: Veterinary Nutrition Care will be closed to new patients. Please see the directory at for a listing of other available services.

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Providing detailed and accurate information about your pet, current and past diets, your observations, and about your pet's lifestyle and home allow your board certified veterinary nutritionist to make make the right recommendations for you and your pet. 


No pet's nutritional plan is complete without follow-up. This allows fine-tuning of the nutritional plan based on your pet's progress; it also lets your board certified veterinary nutritionist know when a bigger change is needed, and makes sure plans stay on track.


Veterinary Nutrition Care uses a somewhat unique fee structure. Learn how to use this to your benefit.

What to expect from Veterinary Nutrition Care 

Vet Consult

Once your Nutritional History Questionnaire has been received and your board certified veterinary nutritionist has strategized with your vet, your pet's nutritional assessment can be completed, and the plan comes together.

Involving your vet

Vet Consults allows your pet to receive the same level of nutritional care, including a detailed nutritional assessment and comprehensive nutrition plan. To make it work without meeting with your board certified veterinary nutritionist, your veterinarian plays an active role in making sure that your veterinary nutritionist has a complete and clear picture of your pet's medical status, ensuring that your veterinary nutritionist's recommendations are the right fit for you and your pet, and helping you to implement the plan. 

See how a  with Vet Consults work, and learn how to get the most out of it. 

Not local? No problem.

Veterinary Nutrition Care can help you and your veterinarian manage your pet's nutrition.

Veterinary Nutrition Care recognizes that because board certified veterinary nutritionists are few and far-between (see ACVN's diplomate directory if you'd like to check), many pet owners can't just schedule an appointment to meet with their friendly neighborhood veterinary nutritionist, though many would like to. There is an alternative to arranging a cross-country expedition to get help with your pet's nutrition, though the trip would be worth it!.

California's veterinary practice laws state that if a veterinarian (nutritionist or otherwise) hasn’t met you and examined your pet in person, he/she can't give specific advice about your pet because there is not a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship. It's not good medicine, and the rule is there to protect you and your pet from receiving misinformation. This is the reason that Veterinary Nutrition Care doesn't offer phone, video, or email consultations to pet owners. As convenient as the idea is, it's not worth the risk of giving bad advice based on something that was lost in translation between a pet owner and the veterinary nutritionist.

To help non-local pet owners with nutrition, Veterinary Nutrition Care can act as a consultant to your veterinarian; this service is called Vet Consults. In this way, medical information requires no translation (it takes four years of vet school to learn how to put what pet owners describe and what can be seen on physical examination into descriptive medical language), and the veterinarian who knows both you and your pet applies the veterinary nutritionist's advice with their discretion. This is an effective way to give and receive good advice related to a pet's nutrition, but it can be a bit cumbersome. Both the pet owner and their veterinarian have to be up for it.