Effective December 2019: Veterinary Nutrition Care will be closed to new patients. Please see the directory at for a listing of other available services.

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How is Veterinary Nutrition Care different from other veterinary nutrition services?

Veterinary Nutrition Care offers pet nutrition services directly to Bay Area pet owners

There aren't many veterinary nutritionists in the US, but they do a wide variety of jobs. Board certified veterinary nutritionists may work with large or small animals, or more exotic species, and they may work for private companies, universities, the government, or themselves as researchers, teachers, leaders, or consultants. Many do more than one of these!

Because board certified veterinary nutritionists are few and far-between (see ACVN's diplomate directory if you'd like to check), most pet owners can't just schedule an appointment to meet with their friendly neighborhood veterinary nutritionist, though many would like to. 

California's veterinary practice laws state that if a veterinarian (nutritionist or otherwise) hasn’t met you and examined your pet in person, he/she can't give specific advice about your pet because there is not a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR). It's the same reason you can't call a physician whom you've never met for treatment of your rash. It's not good medicine, and the rule is there to protect you and your pet from receiving misinformation. 

In order to allow pet owners to get nutrition advice from board certified veterinary nutritionists, most board certified veterinary nutritionists act as consultants to the pet's veterinarian, rather than the pet's owner. In this way, the information given to the board certified veterinary nutritionist requires no translation (it takes four years of vet school to learn how to put what pet owners describe and what can be seen on physical examination into descriptive medical language), and the veterinarian who knows both the pet and his/her owner applies the veterinary nutritionist's advice at their discretion. While this is an effective way to give and receive good advice related to a pet's nutrition, it's a bit cumbersome and requires a veterinarian to act as a bit of a "middleman" in some of the communication with the board certified veterinary nutritionist. Some veterinarians, and especially detail-oriented pet owners, find this approach frustrating.

Your board certified veterinary nutritionist also finds this approach a bit frustrating because she enjoys being able to build relationships and work through complex medical and nutritional problems with pet owners, and there just isn't a substitute for being able to meet face-to-face and communicate directly. That's why Veterinary Nutrition Care exists. It's the only service in the San Francisco Bay area offering veterinary nutrition services directly to pet owners.  

In order to make sure that everyone who needs nutrition care for their pet can get it, Veterinary Nutrition Care does offer our Vet Consult service to veterinarians with clients that are unable to meet with our board certified veterinary nutritionist in person,