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With much reluctance, Veterinary Nutrition Care now offers an online store

Allow us to explain:

Veterinary Nutrition Care's goal in life is to provide the best (most unbiased) nutrition and feeding recommendations to our clients. We'd love to just make our recommendations and have it be easy for clients to obtain a recommended commercial diet easily (and elsewhere).

Since Veterinary Nutrition Care doesn't have a brick-and-mortar facility (we see patients in space borrowed from another small clinic), storage of recommended commercial diets for sale is not an option, and not how we want to devote our time and energy.

As many veterinary clinics face similar challenges with storage and inventory management, many hospitals have responded by limiting their inventory or shifting to their own online pharmacies. 

We are most happy if you fill your therapeutic diet prescription through your primary care veterinarian's practice (online or in person), as we have no desire to compete with our colleagues for your business in pet food sales.

We've always been happy to authorize prescriptions for therapeutic diets for our clients to be filled at outside/online pharmacies, but are finding that their processes generally lack consideration for prescribing veterinarians or the time it takes to do a good job with communication and documentation of patient care; so have changed our policy. In order to preserve the time spent inefficiently working with outside online pharmacies, recommended therapeutic diets will be available via our online pharmacy, or clients will happily be provided with a written prescription upon request.

Proceeds generated from sales via our online pharmacy will be donated to fund local nonprofit veterinary efforts annually.

Only therapeutic diets will be available via our online pharmacy. Requests for medications will be declined and the requester will be directed to their primary care veterinarian.

Veterinary Nutrition Care's online pharmacy is only available to owners of patients who have been seen for consultation with Veterinary Nutrition Care in the past year.