Effective December 2019: Veterinary Nutrition Care will be closed to new patients. Please see the directory at for a listing of other available services.

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What’s different about a nutrition visit?

Questions. A lot of them.

Nutrition is about details.

Your veterinary nutritionist  wants to know as much as you do about your pet’s jobs in life, his/her medical conditions and medications, current and past diets, and how your family and lifestyle affects how your pet is fed. She very commonly asks things like: exactly how your pet responded to a previous diet change, what food items he/she likes best, how much of an ingredient is used in a home-prepared diet recipe, the name of a current commercial diet, how many treats a pet receives in a day, what supplements (be specific) they receive, and many more.

Think about it. If you were put on the spot right now, could you answer all of those questions (and more) accurately, or would you do better if you could go home, read the labels, measure the amounts, and ask your family how many treats each person is actually giving?

Most pet owners are happiest with their nutrition visit when the veterinary nutritionist walks into the room to meet them, already knowing everything she needs to know about the pet and his/her family; the majority of the visit is then spent hearing the nutritionist's assessment of the pet's current status and needs, working out realistic solutions to problems, and getting answers to your questions.

The key is that your veterinary nutritionist walks into the room to meet them already knowing everything she needs to know about the pet and his/her family.

In order for that to happen, she needs to be provided with the information requested in the Nutritional History Questionnaire. The questionnaire was designed to be simple to use and quick to complete once you have gathered all of the information requested.

Once your questionnaire is completed, your veterinary nutritionist will contact you to arrange your visit. ​