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Need some nutrition help?

There are a few ways Veterinary Nutrition Care can do that.

Veterinary Nutrition Care's Vet Consult service provides you with a written summary of your patient's nutritional assessment and recomendations for diet, feeding, owner education, and follow-up.

To get started

  1. Complete the Patient Referral

  2. Email, fax, or mail the completed Referral with relevant medical records to Veterinary Nutrition Care, and contact Veterinary Nutrition Care to discuss fees, which vary with complexity of the case, and are billed to your clinic.

  3. Direct your client to to learn what to expect from a Vet Consult, and the to start page to complete the patient's Nutritional History Questionnaire

  4. You'll be provided with a detailed, written summary

  5. Regarding follow-up, please note that while Veterinary Nutrition Care is happy to help your client clarify technical details about the recommendation. In the absence of a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship, questions about your patient's response to the nutritional plan will be directed to the veterinarian requesting the Vet Consult.

Or, to discuss nutritional care of a patient (or nutrition in general), contact Veterinary Nutrition Care.

Veterinary Nutrition Care welcomes the opportunity to talk nutrition with veterinarians. Simple phone or email consultations are generally at no charge. More in-depth consultations are charged to the veterinarian's clinic at the usual hourly rate