Effective December 2019: Veterinary Nutrition Care will be closed to new patients. Please see the directory at for a listing of other available services.

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While the preparation is a little different than your typical vet visit, a visit with Veterinary Nutrition Care is mostly similar. The main differences are that visit is longer, and there is no testing or treatment for your pet to undergo.

The visit typically takes an hour. The longer visit allows you to ask questions, get comfortable with a plan, and make sure your veterinary nutritionist understands what is (and isn’t) important for you and your pet. Because you’ll be spending a fair amount of time in conversation with your veterinary nutritionist, your pet will be able to relax a bit and just get used to the new person before his/her physical examination.

Your pet will receive a physical examination, but this exam doesn’t usually include any poking, prodding, needles, or discomfort. Your veterinary nutritionist has gotten quite good at making it seem like it’s just petting. Please feel free to bring along your pet’s bed or blanket and favorite toys or treats.

This visit establishes a “veterinarian-client-patient” relationship (VCPR) for your veterinary nutritionist, you, and your pet. This is a legal term; your veterinary nutritionist isn’t able to give you advice specific to your pet until this happens. This is the reason that phone and video consultations with pet owners are not offered.

During your visit, you and your veterinary nutritionist will make a tentative plan for your pet's nutrition care. Your veterinary nutritionist will let you know how much time this will take to create, and the fee

After your visit, much of the follow-up can be done by phone or email, with help for your primary care vet.